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How Was Your Week? Live at the Bell House

I just got back from my awesome night out in Brooklyn seeing the first ever live episode of Julie Klausner’s amazing podcast! When we first got there, Meghan introduced me to her friend Melissa and then not moments later I was being introduced to Mindy Tucker and then Vanessa Bayer! I promised I wouldn’t fangirl out over this whole night, so I’ll end it at that they were two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Seriously.

Shortly after we met them, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists took the stage to warm up the crowd and then to play the podcast’s opening song and invite Julie onto the stage. I have so many great things I want to say about Julie, however I’m saving them for the last part of this entry otherwise this post would have to be broken down into chapters. The one negative thing that I have to say, which isn’t really negative at all, is that she came out and performed “Kiss From A Rose”  and I was a little upset because that’s part of my routine (only with a shitty $1 recorder and not Ted Leo) and now it’s going to look like I’m copying her, but it’s all well and good. All comedy is recycled anyway, right guys? RIGHT GUYS??

Anywho, Julie’s first guest was Fred Armisen. When Fred first came out on stage, he played a song from The Clash entirely by himself; like, literally, he played every single instrument. He played each one a few times and then set it on a loop. So much talent. I knew Fred was a drummer by trade, but I had no idea that he could also play the guitar and bass, so that was cool.

After Fred, Julie brought out Billy Eichner, who some of you might know from the NY comedy scene (UCB’s Billy Eichner Goes Pop, among other shows). Billy was there to promote his new show with Funny or Die on Fuse where he enters random people on the street into pop-culture game shows. When I say I laughed so hard that I was almost on the floor, I mean that I laughed so hard that I nearly fell into the obscenely tall guy in front of me (seriously, when you’re 7ft tall you should know not to stand right in the front of the standing room section in front of a bunch of really short girls) who was also buckled over in laughter. When that comes out, you guys should check it out.

Julie’s next guest was the one and only Paul F. Tompkins. First off, can I just say that I am the biggest PFT fan ever? I mean, I’ve fallen privy to this gentleman’s charm time and time again ever since high school when that VH1 “I Love The…” series first came out. Julie and Paul talked for a bit about his new album that he will be recording later this week, also at The Bell House, and then they broke into a bit that involved Paul breaking out his notorious Andrew Lloyd Weber and Julie playing Maya Angelou. It was like rainbows and unicorns were slowly melting from the stage.

After Paul’s time was up, Julie then had a “live” video message from Jackee Harry and then called an audience member up to the stage to (unknowingly) take part in a celebrity roast. It’s been a long night and I’m blanking out on who the roast was about The roast was of Miranda July, and the panel of roasters (sorry, I don’t remember their characters) included Fred Armisen and Billy Eichner, but also Anthony Atamanuik, and John Gemberling, among others. That was a cute little surprise.

Here’s my video of everybody singing Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s In The Cradle” whilst showing pictures of cats on the projector to close out the show (well, at least the first half of it):

After the show, we hung out at the bar for a bit and talked with some of Meghan’s friends, and then we even met Ms. Julie herself! (Well, Meghan already knew her, so I guess that helps!). What a fantastic lady. Seriously. I realize that I’ve already made this post way longer than I anticipated (seriously, are you still reading this? Why??), so I’ll just sum it up quickly: all in all it was just a fantastic night! :)

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    When It’s not Monday, our amazing she-makes-magic-happen producer Marianne Ways is busy with other shows. And we’re ok...
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    sometimes i miss this kinda white brooklyn comedy!
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    All of this happened. I was there. I was the Meghan described. It was wonderful.
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    So much awesomeness.
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    Awesome show last night
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    I promised myself that I would keep this post short and sweet. Oops. Make sure you nerds download this episode when it...
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