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Content Creator at Insticator, Co-Founder of Comedy Nerds United, advanced sketch and improv student and former intern extraordinaire at UCB, sandwich aficionado, music buff, 90's savant, professional waste of space, girl. Also a former writer for HelloGiggles, CollegeHumor, and of general internet pseudo-fame.

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improv4humans: Live from RIOT LA

Recorded LIVE from the Smell during the RIOT LA Comedy Festival is an improv4humans that will make you believe in magic! Horatio Sanz, Jon Daly, Ben Schwartz, and Ian Roberts cover everything from Hitler mustaches, dueling Bill Cosbys, and the Borat epidemic. Thanks to RIOT LA for providing the wonderful photos of the evening!

Is this what a heart attack feels like? Because I think I’m having one.

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